Immerse yourself in the extraordinary realm of our exclusive custom made experience – where every garment is a masterpiece designed solely for you.

We wholeheartedly understand the profound impact that the perfect fit of a garment can have on your self-esteem and productivity. That’s why we place utmost importance on every aspect of the custom made process, ensuring that each piece not only fits flawlessly but also empowers you to conquer the world with utmost confidence.





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We Take Pride In Making Sure You Look And Feel Your Best. It Is Our Promise!

As our customer you deserve to receive the best treatment. Our responsibility is the way you look.
-Antoine Rubini


At AMR Antoine Rubini Made in Italy, we understand the importance of creating wardrobe components that are not only stylish but also meet your specific needs. That’s why our custom made process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements. We take the time to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and desired outcome.

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we guide you through the process of selecting the perfect fabric. With an extensive collection of high-quality materials at your disposal, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a vast array of options. Whether you desire a luxurious silk for a custom shirt or a premium wool for a tailored suit, we provide approximately 1,500 swatches of fabric for shirts and around 5,000 swatches for suits, ensuring you find the exact look, texture, and quality you desire.

After finalizing your fabric selection, we proceed to the crucial step of taking full measurements. Our skilled tailors use their expertise to ensure every measurement is precise and accurate. These measurements, along with your fabric choices and unique specifications, are then sent to our trusted manufacturers.

With meticulous attention to detail, our manufacturers construct your garments from scratch, ensuring that even the smallest elements, such as the thread on the buttonholes, are executed to perfection. For custom shirts, you’ll have the freedom to choose from 12 collar styles, 11 cuff styles, and more, allowing you to create a truly bespoke garment that reflects your personal style.

At AMR Antoine Rubini Made in Italy, we are committed to delivering garments of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Our custom made process encompasses a comprehensive range of options and attention to detail, ensuring that your wardrobe components are tailor-made to surpass your expectations.

Experience the pinnacle of personalized luxury with our meticulous approach to custom made clothing. Let us bring your vision to life, creating garments that are truly a reflection of your unique style and preferences.



We believe that the right fit is more than just an aesthetic consideration – it is a transformative experience that fuels your self-assurance and enhances your productivity. Our custom made service goes beyond the ordinary, utilizing the finest materials, intricate detailing, and exceptional craftsmanship to create a garment that truly speaks to your individuality.

We understand that your time is precious, and that’s why we ensure a seamless and efficient process. Our experienced team will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized attention to detail and expert advice to bring your vision to life.

Discover the extraordinary impact of a perfectly fitted garment. Experience the unrivaled confidence and productivity that comes with wearing a creation that is made exclusively for you. Elevate your personal style and embrace the pinnacle of sartorial excellence with our bespoke custom made service.